Sharing our passion for nature

At Mike’s Nature Tours, we believe that travel is an opportunity for all to find the amazing World we live in, the subtle presence of nature in all we do and see and in sharing our passion for life with all the people who comes to a tour with us.

At Mike’s Nature Tours we believe in you.

We believe you will love the amazing Costa Rican rainforests, we believe we can share our knowledge and passion for nature and change the way you see life forever.

We believe nature can talk to your soul and touch your mind with all its fabulous secrets!

Let us share our rainforests beauty and wisdom with you!

Comfortable Transfers

Go in the most comfortable vehicles to the most fascinating regions of Costa Rica

Brilliant Routes

We are passionate about our work and love to travel in the most amazing Costa Rican routes.

Optimal Timing

We believe in punctuality as a form of respect to you and your travel companions

Unique Experience

We believe that each tour is a new and different experience from all the rest!

Local Food

We pride ourselves in choosing some of the best suppliers in the region.

Smart Guides

We are all tour guides, we believe that we can bake a difference in your day and your vacation.


We only take small groups, so reserving early is quite important!

About Us

We believe in creating genuine nature experiences, learning and fun times surrounded by some of the most beautiful tropical forests in the World.

Our job is the best in the World!

We show people not only some of the most amazing landscapes in Costa Rica, but we get to witness the awe in people’s eyes when we show our country and our region.

We believe that tropical nature has many more secrets than the ones you can perceive with your senses, the relations, and all the life systems that depend on these connections. And it is a privilege to discover them for all people’s eyes and minds.

Our guides are all professionals, certified and passionate about nature. They all have a true appetite for knowledge and they will provide you with a true Costa Rican rainforest set of experiences.


Years of Experience
Happy Tourists
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As you will find our tours are exclusive, performed by nature experts and providing fantastic rainforest experiences

Unique Places

As all our tours are super personalized, even in the most touristic places, we will give you a unique experience in off the beaten track trails.

Good Accommodations

Contact us for the most comfortable and beautiful homes and accommodations in the region

Interesting Routes

Our routes might look like the same, but our tour guides know them so well that you will find some secret fascinating spots that none but true locals know

New Friends

We deeply believe in the human connection. When you travel with us you grant yourself with a new Costa Rican friend in your tour guide.


Take a look at photos & videos from previous journeys. Read testimonials from our new & regular clients.


We can also provide these experiences

In the region of Manuel Antonio, there are many experiences… Choose yours and send us a note!


Comfortable, new, and yours! Let us know where you want to travel inside Costa Rica and we will make it happen!

We offer a professional transportation service throughout the whole country.

Don’t hesitate to personalize your own itinerary and consider counting on the experience of a veteran certified nature guide with a positive and reliable professional background to take full advantage of your journey in a country that has magnificent touristic attractions and breathtaking landscapes.


If you need accommodation in the area of Manuel Antonio we fully recommend our friends


Green Coastal Rentals


Costa Rica First Class Villas


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